Friday, June 11, 2010

Hey everyone,

today I went to Toa Payoh Safra to play badminton with Zhi Qi and Sher Li. We laughed and laughed and had so much fun. Then we went to GWC great world city. Sher Li left her phone at Safra so Zhi Qi and Sher Li had to go back to get it. I went to buy the tickets. We then ate lunch/dinner and both of them drank Coffee before we went for our movie. KARATE KID! :D I felt sorta invisible though.. during the trips around~ Guess we dun click well? :D I then went home and now I'm tokin' to my friend. Helped him with a maths question... though I failed :'(... I feel sad when I try to help but fail and the person feels disappointed. I felt like I failed in my job as a welfare... Not tokin bout that I think I oso fail as a friend. I GUESS~... :( though im the QOI:Queen Of Information... I dun really earn much trust cos its hard to believe that I will keep the secrets.. Frankly speaking I can and I WILL keep the secrets cos I dun like hurting ppl though I get hurt by them all the time.

I love my friends... but just now I think I dun really fit in? i guess..

xoxo XiiAo cHoCo
~Ignorant Little Gal.