Friday, June 11, 2010

If you din see my chatbox, here's what i wrote.. added other stuff in.

I wish there was a dark corner i could be in.. where there is dark chocolate and never ending rain. I would cry, I would complain, I would think about the stuff that happened to me so far. Im dark, Im easily fooled, Im easily angered, easily emotional, easily made fun of. I can't express my feelings clearly, when i feel sad I don't say it. I feel angry I just blast. When im happy I can laugh.. but, these ARE my feelings, I share them with you.. but are the feelings you share with me true? Is the talk between us to get info from me? I don't really care anymore.. I want to be your friend, if you don't its up to you.. nyaa?

xoxo Ignorant Little Gal
emo? yeps~