Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heyy... I added a new author to the blog, my other account ( for school ) so that i will remember to blog everyday! :D today got quite a lot of History HW and gotta prepare questions for Mrs Iong. :D not much lah. can finish early. :D Todae I went back to St. Nicks after school ended and to my surprise, i was NOT ALLOWED INTO THE SCHOOL!!! argh. so zzz. i had to w8 outside school at the "stone bench" for like 1hr or so. then mrs Vick asked me to go home but i din want to. Becos I came all the way here and rushed for a CAB not bus ( cos i scared i get lost ) and u ask me to go home without seeing my teachers? no way. Then, Mrs Sham came out to go for medical check-up at Bukit Panjang, which is near my house ( she was taking TAXI ) :D so i juz followed, so that i could tok to her more. I REALLY REALLY MISS HER!! so we went there and sat down at mr. bean to have a tok. she drank soya bean but i ate the ice-cream instead. :D then after i ate, I remembered that I ate ice-cream juz now. OOPS. XD we toked and toked and toked, then she had to go for check-up. BUAII BUAII :'( then i din noe how to go home so i called my mum to pick me up. she asked me to w8 for 15 mins. so i went to the clinic and saw mrs sham! such a coincidence! hahaha. said the official buaii buaii and BYE. *sniff sniff* i'll go out with her soon! :D ok i'd better go do history now. buaii buaii!! :D ~~

xoxo tHe ChOcO mAkEr
aka. Xiiao Choco. :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello everyone! I'm sec 1 now.. how time flies! :D Im in a GREAT school! :D I lurve it! :D:D Hows it going ? cherish life while u can! Im in a mixed school but the guys are not bad, air-con everywhere! :D mac books! ahahaha. I'll post more from now onward. Becos i lost my pass that time now i changed liaos. :D so i'll post more from now onward. thanks for reading!

xoxo Xiiao Choco >