Wednesday, June 17, 2009

heyys all!!! im finally back from perth!! i had a great experience except that we " kanna " $50 ( australia money ) fine cos we park at motorcycle lot without knowing... LOL. but i got a lot of gifts for my friends and teachers and me... DUH! ok i'll go find the pictures and load them in... let me go and find now... hmm... where could they be? still in the cam? somewhere... i'll go find them now... ( 5 mins later... ) i've found them... most of it...ok i'll load them in slowly in the next post. :)
xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

heyys all!! this is the 7th piece of chocolate...tuition has ended, tomorrow going to start on homework!! :) should be fun!! my mum has food poisoning... pray for her!! must get well before perth holiday! blessings to lai lao shi too!! get well soon!! ok, still have 2 ppl on my list. mrs chee and mrs sham, go and disturb them... no lar, juz a quick tok, but they soo busy where got time to tok? nvm, better call up my besties and todae i saw FELICIA LYE in my tuition centre!!! the farmer's in the house!! and i saw ACHEE! yesterday, in super baggy clothes ( laugh laugh laugh ) love my new class and laugh til' crazy grp! it was fun and great! ok, gtg , post more tomorrow, bye!!

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka xiiao cHoCo

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

heyy all! sorry i never post the last few days, the computer was off before i knew it!! btw, this is piece 6 of the chocolate and the previos one was piece 5, LOL. (thats obvious) well, holidays are in fact BORING!! i dunno why... miss my school friends but its gonna end soon!!! schools coming back babe!! ew... argh, i havent started on my homework... AHHHHHHHHHH!! better chiong ah!!! and pls take my quiz all those facebook friends of mine!! ok, tomorrow will be great! i'll try to blog more tomorrow... going SHOPPING at ChInAtOwN... YAY!! love shopping and then i'll have english tuition until 6, which will be WILD and FUN!! hehe, gtg, bye bye !! got to wake up early tomorrow, cum home do homework and prepare for trip to PERTH!!! phew, thats a lot, ok gtg sleep, mum wants me to, BYE!! (officially) :)

xoxoda cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo

Thursday, May 28, 2009

heyy, today was great! there was sports day for lower primary in the morning and i missed the whole morning of school!!! i even got 1 hr recess!! yay!! Miss Chan ( principal ) wan sui!! yay yay yay!! then, there is no chinese holiday homework!! wohoo!! cos chinese teacher not here... :( hope she'll get well soon!! everyone enjoy e holiday!!!! :) :) going to PERTH on the 6th june 2009! try to post more there if there is internet ok? everyone chiong homework!! finish it in the most 1 week!! then relax totally ok? well wishes to Chinese teacher ( lai lao shi>> mrs cai ) >< zao re cang fu!!! teachers also relax, dun get wrinkles... and mrs sham! dun eat too much k? go more shopping to excercise and enjoy your holiday! oh yea, lai lao shi, recover before you go to greece!!mrs sham enjoy your 2nd honeymoon ( 3wks long! ) poor Nina!! all alone, so sadd :'( got another sports day heats cuming up, jia you PE monitors!! last of all, teachers, jia you!! tomorrow Meet The Parents !!! remember to bring water bottle and i hope miss wong won't get sore throat from all the screaming this morning... ok i've typed alot, continue tomorrow, bye!

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo
28th may 2009, thursday

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

heyy all, this is piece 4 of the chocolate. sorry i did not post anything on monday and tuesday. monday i had english stretch and tuition, then there was homework, so i could not post anything. tuesday i was too tired so i did not post anything too... today, there is no homework but tomorrow there will be a lot!!!! cos tomorrow last day of school... :) there will be hip hop 2morrow... yay!! then i'll post more and more and more... ok, time to relax but must do homework first ok? jia you!!! there must be a lot! remember to do all hor... dun " last minute hug buddah( dunno how to spell ) leg" st nicks gals pls get your donations quick!! ok, going to facebook liaos then eat dinner, bye!! :)

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo
27th May 2009 (Wednesday)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

hey, today was ordinary.(means plain chocolate) lots of homework, but church was great! i've planned to go with my friends to catch a movie next sunday but not sure if they can make it. :( well, there is school tomorrow and tuition after that. so sianz, i so lazy, dun wanna go school... SCHOOL HOLIDAYS cum faster!!! i go relax liaos but still need to study, do revision... .___. hope tomorrow will end soon... pweez, im begging... ok, going to sleep or listen to music, write more on the next piece of chocolate, today is piece 3!!! jia yous... ^^

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao choco
24th May 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

cHoCo PiEcE 2 ( 23th May 2009 at 11.30pm )

hey, today was wonderful. i had some havenlistic events 2dae. they were: a play in church, badminton and table tennis! then, my choco cousin and i jumped into the swimming pool in home clothes! cool! :) holidays are coming!!! next friday... whohooo!! well, this post is mainly for me to do this.
ahummmm... meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow meow, meow meow meow meow meow meow. *to be sung in tune of happie birthday to you* HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINA!! :) yup. 2dae's nina, my choco teacher's choco cat's b'dae! so happy 4 you!! ^^ eat more! you'll live longer than other cats!! hope you will not die soo soon... :( choi choi choi... ok, gtg, all those ppl reading this, work hard! study hard! relax hard! play hard! .__.''' ENJOY THE WONDERFUL HOLIDAYS!

xoxo da choCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHocO

Friday, May 22, 2009

heLLo!!! :)

Hey!! this is grAcE here... i'll sign off my name as da cHoCo MaKer ok? well, i'll update whenever i can, everything in school! at home! anywhere! chocolate carved everywhere! this is piece 1, da cHoCo MaKer made a huge chocolate 4 you! ok, continue reading... Bye!! :)

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer