Tuesday, June 2, 2009

heyy all! sorry i never post the last few days, the computer was off before i knew it!! btw, this is piece 6 of the chocolate and the previos one was piece 5, LOL. (thats obvious) well, holidays are in fact BORING!! i dunno why... miss my school friends but its gonna end soon!!! schools coming back babe!! ew... argh, i havent started on my homework... AHHHHHHHHHH!! better chiong ah!!! and pls take my quiz all those facebook friends of mine!! ok, tomorrow will be great! i'll try to blog more tomorrow... going SHOPPING at ChInAtOwN... YAY!! love shopping and then i'll have english tuition until 6, which will be WILD and FUN!! hehe, gtg, bye bye !! got to wake up early tomorrow, cum home do homework and prepare for trip to PERTH!!! phew, thats a lot, ok gtg sleep, mum wants me to, BYE!! (officially) :)

xoxoda cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo