Monday, June 14, 2010

YO! well I've made a new blog so im not really caring bout this one anymore, but its cool. I'll continue to post. apparently my friend told me im great at helping people.. i could improve on it. :D thats all for now

Ignorant Little Gal~

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hey everyone, I went for my cuzzie's bdae today.. I felt SOOO EXTRA... at least got some presents == i felt alone since Issac was there, looked like he wanted me out. And Eugenia, being her usual friendly self, got all the attention of the little kids, like Samantha. but actually.. I don't really care anymore nyaa.

talking to a fellow classmate who has similar "case" like me i guess.. I felt like im in no position to help her much, since i can't really help myself. == IM HOPELESS. im so tired.. so tired of giving it all, so tired of making a mark, so tired of trying so freaking hard to please everyone. but, THATS the reason for me to keep on doing that. I want to give up.. I want to end all this.. I want someone to notice, how hard im working to please everyone nyaa.

I know im lazy, playing games and all.. but I hate teachers saying this after Ziying says:
"Um... Do I need to get information on this topic in order to get the notes i need to understand the next topic better?"

teacher: "yeah! "

*happens.. PURPOSELY walks to the teacher and overhears the topics*

*teacher gets some "bad" thinking of me once seeing me*
teacher: "See, Grace, must be like Ziying, you must learn from her"

shes the role model and wha? i must learn from her? HELLO? im an individual here. but... do you ever talk about me? nehh. guess you're too busy. can't blame you. Role Model.. shes 101% PERFECT. 100% smart. talented. good body figure (i guess). no one can compare to her. I don't worth even 0.01% of her. THATS the comparison. Im the pest, shes the human. humane enough for teachers to notice, not saying everyone is not human. guess shes too PERFECT... she talks to me sometimes like its an order, sumtimes like she throwing facts.. or stabbing me with arrows. Im defenseless.. against everybody. im the target, the prey.. cos im not smart enough to raise it a notch and become the hunter. they are the hunters. im free prey. the teachers are the masters. im willing party, they are willing party, BUT i die, they get rewarded.

Im ignorant, they are smart and elegant.

xoxo Ignorant Little Gal.
SUPER emo. don't touch me.

Friday, June 11, 2010

If you din see my chatbox, here's what i wrote.. added other stuff in.

I wish there was a dark corner i could be in.. where there is dark chocolate and never ending rain. I would cry, I would complain, I would think about the stuff that happened to me so far. Im dark, Im easily fooled, Im easily angered, easily emotional, easily made fun of. I can't express my feelings clearly, when i feel sad I don't say it. I feel angry I just blast. When im happy I can laugh.. but, these ARE my feelings, I share them with you.. but are the feelings you share with me true? Is the talk between us to get info from me? I don't really care anymore.. I want to be your friend, if you don't its up to you.. nyaa?

xoxo Ignorant Little Gal
emo? yeps~

Hey everyone,

today I went to Toa Payoh Safra to play badminton with Zhi Qi and Sher Li. We laughed and laughed and had so much fun. Then we went to GWC great world city. Sher Li left her phone at Safra so Zhi Qi and Sher Li had to go back to get it. I went to buy the tickets. We then ate lunch/dinner and both of them drank Coffee before we went for our movie. KARATE KID! :D I felt sorta invisible though.. during the trips around~ Guess we dun click well? :D I then went home and now I'm tokin' to my friend. Helped him with a maths question... though I failed :'(... I feel sad when I try to help but fail and the person feels disappointed. I felt like I failed in my job as a welfare... Not tokin bout that I think I oso fail as a friend. I GUESS~... :( though im the QOI:Queen Of Information... I dun really earn much trust cos its hard to believe that I will keep the secrets.. Frankly speaking I can and I WILL keep the secrets cos I dun like hurting ppl though I get hurt by them all the time.

I love my friends... but just now I think I dun really fit in? i guess..

xoxo XiiAo cHoCo
~Ignorant Little Gal.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

heya everybody, its been ages since i posted smth again.. im now having my hols. Life has changed a lot. I moved house, gained more trustworthy friends and I encountered a lot of problems in my "job" as well. Im the Welfare head (actually im the only person under that category) == my class have been through many HUGE (i mean REALLY HUGE) arguments, and apparently I am ALWAYS in them. Example, Guang Jun thinks Ming En is angry with him. Posts a comment. Ming en denies. Guang Jun insists (if im not wrong ==). I try to split them up. Bryan joins. Ming en argues with him. Guang Jun gets "ignored" i try to stop their fight budden Guang Jun comes back and the whole thing took AGES to end... by the end, im the one thats HALF DEAD. many CRAZY stuff happens and everyone like dun like Guang Jun. I find him pretty pitiful. Its not his fault he's not matured yet lah. But i can see he is changing slowly. And i think that Shamus is a bit off track alr.. == I din see him show his face or did anything "helpful" except the HUGE event by the CEC for a class outing. WOW. i really dunno what to say.

I recently also went to Shunde, met Fiona and Wang Qi. the ppl there are nice. They are hardworking and easy to befriend. I made many good friends from other classes like Shamemi and Fatin and many others. Unfortunately i have NO IDEA why i am the only gal that went to Shunde. Am i really THAT inferior.. And I think it was a pretty bad idea for Huang Lao Shi to tell us our trip was initially totally cancelled. Thinking bout that, I feel sad that they had to bring us to Shunde instead and that feeling that makes me feel uneasy acts up. I have no idea why either.

I just hope someone would see my "potential" apparently my percentage is like i dunno.. 3% outta the class? or even lesser. I think the top two ranks with at least 10-20% is calvin and ziying. the gals and guys follow after that. I think i possess the least potential among the girls. Ziying is smart cos shes like a few years older in China. Sue Lun is smart and tall. Cheng Ngee is friendly, charming (i guess) and admirable for her leadership for badminton. Sher Li is kind hearted and helpful. Zhi Qi is fierce, but she can be super friendly and admirable for her time management skills. I? im lost. lost in this Potential world. LOST of knowledge.. inferior to those who are better than me. I cant beat Ziying in her smarts, can't beat Sue Lun in her height nor calmness. Can't beat Sher Li in her kind-heartedness, and definitely beaten hands down by Zhi Qi for her Time management skills. No one really told me my good points,

Based on my talk with Bryan, we both seem to be "the one behind the scenes". We work the hardest, but the credit mostly goes to the rest of the group.we feel sad, sad that no one notices, sad that the teachers feel different. I am sad that the teachers don't care bout us, that they don't realise who are the ppl that work the most they can. Fail to notice our stress. My stress to be equal with everyone. To be equally noticed, to be equally treated. To be acknowledged, to be praised, to be asked if fine (cheer me up when I seem emo). Frankly speaking, I am not always emo. I get emo around teachers, i think.. i think its basically attention seeking bahs. I resort to that just to get you to care. WHY? why should I do that? its hopeless. I guess its just desperation bahs. I think that all i can do now is to help, keep the face still, emotionless, when im done, i bow and take my leave. I don't need to cut into ppl's talks, I don't need to light an extra bulb to show the teachers. I jut need to be normal. over normal i guess.

My wish, is that everyone is treated equally, and that 101, 101 will be the best class in the History of SST. My wish that we could share our thoughts with our teachers, that we could know each other better. My wish... that.... those in the shadows can be noticed, and known to the world. For the things they do, For the work they put in... Guess im still that ignorant little kid eh?

the Choco MakER~
emo mood today? maybe not.
Ignorant Little Gal :D :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

i love rain, i love emo, i hate tears but they sometimes want to conquer me. WHY?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello! sry i post soo late at night... i've loads of homework and tests coming up... :D im in badminton! soo happy. got new badminton shoes, my mum gave me her new racquet, got more shuttlecocks, and loads of fun! :D tmr CCA starts.... sooo excited... i wonder what we'll do.... :D okies i'd better finish up my work.. buaii buaii!

xoxo, Xiiao cHocO.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

have a question in my head:

Why do people not tell their friends their feelings? Im not scared, if they hate me, hate me. its none of my business. if they hate me, means they are NOT worth to remember and think of. not worthy for you to SMS when you are bored. and DEFINITELY not worthy to cry and to tell everything to. If you dun like me. tell me. DONT act friendly and then behind my back you backstab me. cos I treat ALL MY FRIENDS as personal part of me. not pawns, not 2nd hand equipment after technology. they are part of my heart. so if i catch my friends tellin' their friends how the DESPISE me, how they LOATHE me, my heart will be like someone clutching it hard, making me hard to breathe. like someone cutting a part of it out. if you show your hate for me, i'll just forget you and take it as if you were NEVER part of my life. If i want something, you can dun always give in to me. cos i'll get used to it and use it on you always. if you want something, i'll give it to you. but let me get this clear. I DONT LIKE BEING TAKEN FOR GRANTED. i absolutely hate it. im not a pawn, not your servant. unless im one of them, i'll be angry.

hello! sry quite some time nvr post le.... CNY is here! :D got some angpows and my iPod! yays. dream come true! ate loads of treats! haha. thought i know no one reads this but i lurve blogging and typing down my daily events. thanks for supporting if you are here.. I had my grandma's GREAT STEAMBOAT!!! wah... then the one at home oso rocked the house like crazy! the best ever! got my own individual small abalone with fish maw and broccoli in oyster sauce! its soo nice.. now hungry le... haha. cant w8 for bak kwa and to go to my sa gor po's house for another steamboat and treats and angpows! i'll be RICH soon! i also love my new bedsheets and pillow case! so bluish cool relaxing .... nice! then next sunday maybe go to sher li's house, but i scared cannot cos of choir in church. im gonna say that i go house visiting ( which is TRUE 100% ) and well its late. i better sleep, buaii buaii!! post more tmr or in school ( after school ) ^_^ 100% written by cHoCo MaKeR or xiiao cHoco. :D

Friday, February 12, 2010

Today, its CNY celebration! :D its soo nice. much nicer than SNGS. haha. the lion dancer came so upclose! OMG. it sorta knocked into me... :D soo cool!!! :D:D ok i gtg.... buaii buaii!!
xoxo tHe cHoCo mAkeR
aka xiiao choco ^_^

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello.... lurve my new blogskin and stuff. thanks to sher li! thanks !!! :D:D

tHe cHoCo maKeR
aka. Xiiao ChOcO

Monday, February 1, 2010

HEYA! i got a cover for my laptop and a new mouse! Zhi Qi likes the prezzie me and Sher Li gave her. :D DORAEMON!! :D haha. I love it as well! me and sher li has one too but Zhi Qi doesent noe. haha. ok i gtg liaos, buaii!!

xoxo dA cHocO MaKer
aka. Xiiao Choco.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Heyy... I added a new author to the blog, my other account ( for school ) so that i will remember to blog everyday! :D today got quite a lot of History HW and gotta prepare questions for Mrs Iong. :D not much lah. can finish early. :D Todae I went back to St. Nicks after school ended and to my surprise, i was NOT ALLOWED INTO THE SCHOOL!!! argh. so zzz. i had to w8 outside school at the "stone bench" for like 1hr or so. then mrs Vick asked me to go home but i din want to. Becos I came all the way here and rushed for a CAB not bus ( cos i scared i get lost ) and u ask me to go home without seeing my teachers? no way. Then, Mrs Sham came out to go for medical check-up at Bukit Panjang, which is near my house ( she was taking TAXI ) :D so i juz followed, so that i could tok to her more. I REALLY REALLY MISS HER!! so we went there and sat down at mr. bean to have a tok. she drank soya bean but i ate the ice-cream instead. :D then after i ate, I remembered that I ate ice-cream juz now. OOPS. XD we toked and toked and toked, then she had to go for check-up. BUAII BUAII :'( then i din noe how to go home so i called my mum to pick me up. she asked me to w8 for 15 mins. so i went to the clinic and saw mrs sham! such a coincidence! hahaha. said the official buaii buaii and BYE. *sniff sniff* i'll go out with her soon! :D ok i'd better go do history now. buaii buaii!! :D ~~

xoxo tHe ChOcO mAkEr
aka. Xiiao Choco. :D

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hello everyone! I'm sec 1 now.. how time flies! :D Im in a GREAT school! :D I lurve it! :D:D Hows it going ? cherish life while u can! Im in a mixed school but the guys are not bad, air-con everywhere! :D mac books! ahahaha. I'll post more from now onward. Becos i lost my pass that time now i changed liaos. :D so i'll post more from now onward. thanks for reading!

xoxo Xiiao Choco >