Thursday, May 28, 2009

heyy, today was great! there was sports day for lower primary in the morning and i missed the whole morning of school!!! i even got 1 hr recess!! yay!! Miss Chan ( principal ) wan sui!! yay yay yay!! then, there is no chinese holiday homework!! wohoo!! cos chinese teacher not here... :( hope she'll get well soon!! everyone enjoy e holiday!!!! :) :) going to PERTH on the 6th june 2009! try to post more there if there is internet ok? everyone chiong homework!! finish it in the most 1 week!! then relax totally ok? well wishes to Chinese teacher ( lai lao shi>> mrs cai ) >< zao re cang fu!!! teachers also relax, dun get wrinkles... and mrs sham! dun eat too much k? go more shopping to excercise and enjoy your holiday! oh yea, lai lao shi, recover before you go to greece!!mrs sham enjoy your 2nd honeymoon ( 3wks long! ) poor Nina!! all alone, so sadd :'( got another sports day heats cuming up, jia you PE monitors!! last of all, teachers, jia you!! tomorrow Meet The Parents !!! remember to bring water bottle and i hope miss wong won't get sore throat from all the screaming this morning... ok i've typed alot, continue tomorrow, bye!

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo
28th may 2009, thursday