Wednesday, May 27, 2009

heyy all, this is piece 4 of the chocolate. sorry i did not post anything on monday and tuesday. monday i had english stretch and tuition, then there was homework, so i could not post anything. tuesday i was too tired so i did not post anything too... today, there is no homework but tomorrow there will be a lot!!!! cos tomorrow last day of school... :) there will be hip hop 2morrow... yay!! then i'll post more and more and more... ok, time to relax but must do homework first ok? jia you!!! there must be a lot! remember to do all hor... dun " last minute hug buddah( dunno how to spell ) leg" st nicks gals pls get your donations quick!! ok, going to facebook liaos then eat dinner, bye!! :)

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka Xiiao cHoCo
27th May 2009 (Wednesday)