Tuesday, February 16, 2010

hello! sry quite some time nvr post le.... CNY is here! :D got some angpows and my iPod! yays. dream come true! ate loads of treats! haha. thought i know no one reads this but i lurve blogging and typing down my daily events. thanks for supporting if you are here.. I had my grandma's GREAT STEAMBOAT!!! wah... then the one at home oso rocked the house like crazy! the best ever! got my own individual small abalone with fish maw and broccoli in oyster sauce! its soo nice.. now hungry le... haha. cant w8 for bak kwa and to go to my sa gor po's house for another steamboat and treats and angpows! i'll be RICH soon! i also love my new bedsheets and pillow case! so bluish cool relaxing .... nice! then next sunday maybe go to sher li's house, but i scared cannot cos of choir in church. im gonna say that i go house visiting ( which is TRUE 100% ) and well its late. i better sleep, buaii buaii!! post more tmr or in school ( after school ) ^_^ 100% written by cHoCo MaKeR or xiiao cHoco. :D