Wednesday, June 3, 2009

heyys all!! this is the 7th piece of chocolate...tuition has ended, tomorrow going to start on homework!! :) should be fun!! my mum has food poisoning... pray for her!! must get well before perth holiday! blessings to lai lao shi too!! get well soon!! ok, still have 2 ppl on my list. mrs chee and mrs sham, go and disturb them... no lar, juz a quick tok, but they soo busy where got time to tok? nvm, better call up my besties and todae i saw FELICIA LYE in my tuition centre!!! the farmer's in the house!! and i saw ACHEE! yesterday, in super baggy clothes ( laugh laugh laugh ) love my new class and laugh til' crazy grp! it was fun and great! ok, gtg , post more tomorrow, bye!!

xoxo da cHoCo MaKer
aka xiiao cHoCo